I already use Facebook for my business, do I also need a website?

Facebook offers you the opportunity to put your business in front on lots of  potential clients.

There is more content on facebook than people have time to read.

Most people use FB for a distraction, a bit of fun; they don’t necessarily want to “buy” your product or service.

FB visitors are are easily distracted by a constantly updating news feed and many will scroll past your facebook post without ever engaging.

Not all of your fans will see all of your posts on their newsfeed. To grow your existing client base, you need fans to both share and engage with your posts.

Social Media Marketing experts recommend posting a minimum of 3 times a week, ideally as many as 10 new posts per week in order to see an impact on your business page.

How often do you post on facebook? How much time does this take away from your other pursuits?

To see great result from your Facebook page, you will need to spend a lot of time posting, liking, sharing and of course you will need to spend money advertising it. Once someone has viewed your Facebook page, if they are interested in your product or service; what do they do next? Typically, they look for a link to your website.  A professional looking website lends integrity to your business. It gives the impression that you are more professional than your domain-less Facebook neighbour. A website also needs less constant attention than a Facebook Business page and it can be found by people who are already looking for your product / service via a search engine.

These “searchers” are already in a “buying” mindset.

Billions of Google searches every day are performed by people who are already looking for what you have to offer. It’s not hard to get your business to show up on Google Maps, Local Business etc meaning you have 24/7 marketing opportunity on your doorstep through your website.

Its very hard to get Google to show your Facebook business page in a browser’s search results. Search results are for websites, not Facebook Business Pages. Without a business website – you will be missing out on these more “qualified” business leads.

Conclusion If your typical buyer likes to do their research before making a decision, your best bet is guiding them through a business website. Best practice for even better results, create posts, offers and shareable content on your website-blog – then share it to your Facebook business page. This boosts backlinks (google loves this) and every person that clicks to read the post will end up on your website. Creating more traffic to your site is a fantastic way to boost it’s visibility in Google search and make sales.

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